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Item #: MMMDS330VA

Breaking News WOW! 25 Years in business!! We love all of our customers who have supported us throughout the years. Why don't you join them and start saving money on what you buy everyday. Call or email us to get the ball rolling.

Looking ahead: We are dedicated to serving you! we will be adding new product lines as we continue to grow. We appreciate all of our dedicated customers for there continued business.

Midwest Office Supply is a full service supplier of:

  • Office Supplies
  • Computer Supplies and Accessories
  • Office Furniture and Accessories
  • Coffee and Break room Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Presentation Products
  • Printers and Printer Cartridges
  • Etc.

Next Day Delivery

When you sign up with us, you have access to over 24,000 items through a network of 44 Distribution Centers strategically located throughout the U.S. From Maine to Texas and New York to San Francisco, we have you covered with our Express Delivery. That means 1-2 day delivery on over 24,000 products Guaranteed. Our partnership with UPS, the world's leading package delivery service, gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your shipments will arrive on time.

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Still Not Convinced? Top 10 reasons to sign up with us:

  1. Convenience - Order anytime 24/7.
  2. Save Time - Ordering online is quick and easy.
  3. Save Money - Remember time is money so when you save time....
  4. Budget Control - You can set up budgets and approval authorizations through our online order solutions.
  5. Accuracy - No chance of someone misinterpreting a stock number.
  6. Cost Containment - Efficiency of online ordering reduces costs associated with purchasing.
  7. Expense Reduction - No more printing and copying of fax order forms.
  8. Fun - Watch for special web only promotions and contests.
  9. Security - Our ordering system uses the most updated secure servers to keep your information private.
  10. Peace of Mind - Order today, get it tomorrow. Period.